“Road to Strathmore” The Movie Testimonials.“The energy level is probably something like you’ve never witnessed in your life…”

Paula Peró, Titanes Salseros Sponsor, Head of World Languages Dept Albert Einstein High School.

“This means a lot to us…it’s a really big deal!”
Alberto, Student, Clarksburg High School

“I don’t have a life…this is my life. My freshman year I did terrible in school and the only thing that really kept me going was LASU to get my grades up. ”
David, Albert Einstein High School

“It’s not just a dance group…because it becomes a family and we’re learning together.”
Titanes Salseros Alumni

“It really does keep me centered… because when you get in here, I think most of us just want to stay.”
Alicia, Student, Albert Einstein High School